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20 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Roofing Contractor

  1. Are you properly licensed to perform work on my property? We are a fully insured and licensed Class A Builder Contractor. Contact us to view a copy of our insurance and license!
  2. How long have you been in business as a Lynchburg roofing contractor? Rempfer Construction has 22+ years of experience and was incorporated in 2001.
  3. Are you in good standing with your Distributor/Supplier? Rempfer Construction, Inc. is in great standing with our suppliers. You can contact ABC Supply, Eastern Aluminum, or Probuild and ask.
  4. Does the roofing contractor have customer references? Yes, please ask your estimator for a list of previous customer references or view our testimonial page.
  5. Are you Certified/Preferred by any Roofing Manufacturer? We are certified with GAF, Certainteed, & IKO roofing manufacturers as a Lynchburg roofing contractor.
  6. Do you offer extended warranties? Rempfer Construction, Inc. offers extended warranties from GAF, Certainteed & IKO.
  7. What is your opinion of my ventilation needs? This is an important question to ask when you have one of our estimators to do an estimate. It all depends on your home so ask your estimator!
  8. Do you use pre-cut starter strip shingles? We use pre-cut starter strip shingles on all gables, eves, and rakes.
  9. Do you use Leak Barrier (ice and water shield)? Rempfer Construction, Inc. uses leak barriers on all valleys, penetrations, and drip edges.
  10. Do you use drip edge? Yes, on all rakes and eves.
  11. How many nails do you install on a 30 year Laminate shingle? We have ALWAYS used 6 nails when installing shingles. It’s called wind nailing to withstand higher winds.
  12. Are you using 3 tab shingles for my ridge cap or are you using the recommended Ridge Cap Shingle by the Manufacturer? We always use the recommended ridge cap shingles by the manufacturer.
  13. Do you use subcontractors? We do use subcontractors. They are all certified and fully insured as is our company.
  14. Do you cut your counter flashing into the masonry? Yes.
  15. Do you require a down payment? We don’t require payment until the job is 100% complete.
  16. Do you install the laminated shingles according to manufacturer specs or install straight up the roof?  This is not recommended!
  17. Will your employees be smoking and playing the radio on my job? We don’t.
  18. What is your clean up procedure after the job is completed? Rempfer Construction, Inc. does a daily clean up on all of our job sites.
  19. How long does it take to complete the roof? Most typical roofing jobs only take us 1 day. That includes start, finishing, and clean up all by the time you get home.
  20. Do you use signed contracts for all jobs?  We do. We will not do a job until the contract is signed. After we received a signed contract we promptly order your shingles and get you on the schedule (and we will work around yours as well, just ask!)

More reasons Rempfer Construction is the right choice for all your roofing needs


  • We guaranteed 100% satisfaction. You don’t pay a dime until the job is completely finished. We also make sure all your concerns are met and satisfied.
  • We make sure all that we are all certified to install your favorite shingle brand and we’re licensed and insured so you will never have a worry. Ask about our special promotions!
  •  We never leave a job site a mess. Our crews do daily clean-ups and make sure that there is never a mess left behind and it’s in our contracts to remove all the construction debris on the job site.
  • Once we start a job, we’re there everyday that it’s not raining working until you roof is finished and looking great!
  • The importance of workmanship is taken very seriously. We make sure that our guys do the job right, and with our experience will make sure it is.

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